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Infinex Group

The Infinex Group is made up exclusively of companies operating in the field of plastics processing. The companies operate as an independent corporate group under the direction of their owners, the Hartl family. Haiterbach in Germany’s beautiful Black Forest, the home of this second-generation entrepreneurial family, has been the location of the group’s production and R & D activities since its very beginnings. The region has enjoyed continuous prosperity even through trying economic times. This stability is reflected in the very low fluctuation rate of our employees, whose know-how and expertise are valuable factors in our “Made in Germany” success story.

The pooling of plastics technology resources in the group ensures the ability to meet ever-growing requirements of national and international markets and fulfill increasingly specific customer needs. Working with an intelligent combination of human resources and machines, we help optimize logistics and production processes and accelerate production and reaction times in your operations. Utilizing synergistic effects, intuitive experience, organizational stability and wide-ranging expertise, we focus on customer needs to solve the problem at hand.

The Brands

Infinex North America
Our Location “Across the Pond”

Having made the jump from the Black Forest to North America, our plastics technology group now has a new team member, Infinex North America Corp. of Toronto. This location’s warehousing and sales operations upgrade service to markets throughout the continent. Infinex North America offers customers a local sales presence for Infinex brands TRIPLEX, KIBO and ISO-DRAIN, as well as quick delivery times.

Dimpled Sheet Products

The ISO-DRAIN brand of plastic dimpled sheeting has been in worldwide use since 1990. These sheeting products are available in a wide range of dimple heights from 3 mm to 25 mm and offer a unique combination of drainage, ventilation and physical protection for use in construction and other applications. With ISO-Drain membranes, new developments and quality standards have long been paramount considerations, and these form the brand’s foundation. ISO-Drain is also number one for coated sheeting using geo-textiles, foam and grid laminates.

Structured-Core Panels

The TRIPLEX brand of three-layer structured core panels has been on the market since 2003, where it now occupies the leading position. These featherweight polypropylene panels consist of three sheets welded rigidly together to form a sturdy, rock-solid structure. The key to this innovative product is the unique design of its dimpled inner layer. With their outstanding quality, wide selection of options and virtually unlimited range of applications, TRIPLEX panels are winning over more and more enthusiastic designers and end-users every day.

Hollow-Core Panels

KIBO twin-wall panels have been part of the Infinex family of products since 2010. These panels are manufactured in an efficient single-step process and are in worldwide use. The product range includes KIBO-H, -M and -X panels, each with distinctive core-spacer geometries suited for highly diverse applications. Their smooth outer surfaces and extremely low weight make them ideal for use in upmarket displays and compact, lightweight packaging. They are widely used in trade fair construction and for other commercial exhibitions because of their outstanding physical strength.

Our Promise

At Infinex, we focus on coming up with new, surprising ideas – today we’re thinking about your requirements for tomorrow. In looking for new ways to solve your problems, we are not afraid to take unconventional paths, relying on imagination for uncommon solutions along with courage to travel uncommon routes. By keeping our eyes open and constantly learning more, we break through barriers and set new standards. True to our roots as a family-owned company, we listen exactly to what you have to say and attach utmost importance to fairness in our business relationships. At Infinex, our employees, customers and suppliers are fully committed with their hearts and their minds and work together as partners.


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